Hunterdon County

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Off all of the counties in New Jersey, Hunterdon County might be the most picturesque. Its proximity to the Delaware River allows for scenic strolls while the winding country roads give you scenery worth driving through. The county is home to acres upon acres of parkland, vineyards and historic treasures that make it a top destination in the state. Nestled in the hills of New Jersey, it’s just an hour drive to New York City, Philadelphia or the Jersey Shore. 
Hunterdon County is full of amenities for the whole family. The 8,000 acres of outdoor recreational areas speak for themselves. There’s a trail for everyone. Hikers have so many options between the preserved parks. Fishermen come from far and wide to trout fish in the Ken Lockwood Gorge. Equestrians saddle up and ride the Columbia Trail. You can even bring your boat to the Round Valley Reservoir to spend a day on the water. If the outdoor amenities aren’t your draw, the boutique river towns might be. With premiere shopping and a diverse cuisines, you can fill your days and nights with some of the best Hunterdon County has to offer. 
One common piece in the foundation of the community is Hunterdon County’s devotion to the equestrian lifestyle. There’s a reason that the area is known as the “Wellington of the North.” Olympic and World Champion riders have made their home here in Hunterdon County during the spring and summer months when they’re not riding and showing in Wellington, Florida during their Winter Equestrian Festival. While Wellington is a winter oasis for riders and owners alike, Hunterdon County is where many come to live, train, and relax with their treasured equine friends. There are countless trails to explore in addition to the dedicated trainers, beautiful stables for boarding, and properties with room for your horses to live happy and healthy lives. The equestrian community here, as a whole, is committed to providing top-quality programs as well as a stimulating environment for the horses and riders alike.
The county is rich with history dating back to before the Revolutionary War. The residents have preserved and protected the heritage and culture for the youths of the community. That preservation starts with their education. The 25 public school districts between the municipalities provide a sound foundation to help shape the youngest community members. After graduation, the young adults in the community have stellar higher education options, like Raritan Valley Community College, as well as the other prestigious colleges and universities throughout the state. 
Getting around town is a breeze. Hunterdon County has many state and U.S. routes that run through it, connecting it to the rest of the state. As an exurb, the county has become a home to commuters working in New York City and Philadelphia. That’s a testament to the quality and ease of utilizing the railways present throughout the municipalities. 
As a community, Hunterdon is transitioning from a rural to a suburban area without compromising the beauty that the rolling hills and parklands offer. Rooted in culture and traditions, the quaint country life is within reach within this top-ranked county in the country.