Morris County

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As New Jersey’s seventh largest county, Morris County is the perfect blend of beautiful estates, gardens, neighborhoods and shopping centers. Sitting amid the rolling hills, broad valleys and glittering lakes just 30 miles from New York City, it’s among the fastest growing counties in the Tri-State area. When you choose to live in Morris County, there is no compromise. 

Morris County includes some of New Jersey’s finest land for leisure time and recreational use. Outdoor education centers, golf courses, riding stables, arboretums take up nearly 11,000 acres. That land also includes wildflower, hiking, cycling, and nature trails. In addition to the outdoor recreation, Morris County is rich with culture. You’ll find a plethora of museums here showcasing the history of the area. Between the involvement in the Revolutionary War and innovations made in this industrial hub, there is a lot to learn around each town. That industrial attitude didn’t stay in the past. Morris County is the home to many world headquarters, research centers, and laboratories. When not working or playing in the area, the community is living by way of the quaint stores and vast cuisines in the area.

Another staple in the Morris County community is its connection to equine activities. There are many stables, farms, and boarding facilities that can satiate any equestrian enthusiast. The community has built a stress-free environment for horses to live happy and healthy lives. From riding lessons to horse shows, Morris County has it all.

Community in Morris County starts with the youth. With over 30 school districts in the region, it shows that the families in Morris County are committed to giving every child the education they deserve. After an enriching academic experience in the public school system, students can take the next step towards their careers at Morris County Community College. And one of every four high school graduates choose to do so because of the community college’s fine academic standings. 

Commuters have found a home in Morris County thanks to the easy access to the railways and highways that connect the municipalities to the nearby metropolitan areas. That means you don’t have to choose between a dream job and a dream home. It’s easy to make the trip to both New York City and Philadelphia, however because of the numerous headquarters stationed within the county, you might not have to leave the area. But if you do, the public transportation is also supplemented by the two airports located within county lines.

Being part of a state so rich with history, it’s no wonder why counties like Morris County are dedicated to preserving and protecting it’s roots. When buying in this county, you’re buying into the heritage and community.