Somerset County

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Somerset County is the home to many residential communities, parks, shopping, farmland, historic sites and flourishing businesses. The local amenities help strengthen the nearby neighborhoods. Located in the heart of the largest metropolitan area in the nation, New York City, Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore are all within an hour drive. 

Somerset is one of America’s oldest counties. Virtually every town features historic sites, monuments, and buildings that are steeped in colonial and Revolutionary War history.  Preserving these cultural features for future generations is just as important as protecting the acres of parkland. And there’s a lot of that. The 14,457 acres include golf courses, hiking and cycling trails, picnic areas and the county’s fairgrounds. In addition to the parklands, there’s 8,381 acres preserved for farmland. Catch a Somerset Patriot game at the TD Bank Ballpark or stroll the trails at Duke Farms or in Colonial Park. Or spend a day at the annual Somerset County 4-H Fair. 

The county is rooted in its dedication to the animals. While known for various shows, none are as important as the horse shows help at local parks, stables and farms. The equestrian community has room to grow here in Somerset County because of the area’s devotion. There are so many farms and stables offering lessons, tours, boarding, and other programs that keep the community thriving. 

In addition to the recreational amenities, education is a top priority in Somerset County. The 17 public school districts strive to not only be the best in the state, but the best in the country. In addition to those districts, the Somerset County Vocational & Technical Schools are among the best in the state. For higher education, Raritan Valley Community College is a two-year school in Branchburg that features a theatre, convention center, science center and planetarium.

Somerset County is a hub at the heart of New Jersey. Within 30 miles, there are 2 airports and 6 Amtrak stations to help get you where you need to go. The local train stations give you access to both the Raritan Valley Line and the Gladstone Line. Commuting is made easy in Somerset County so you don’t have to sacrifice location to get the quality of life the community provides.

Somerset County starts with citizens that are dedicated to preserving and protecting the history and integrity of the lands where they live, work, and play. The core mission has always been to have a strong community at the foundation for which to build their neighborhoods and business on.