New Jersey is the best of all worlds, and it all starts with location. From the beaches to the mountains, rural life to city life, New Jersey’s real estate is some of the best. That’s why Kingston Luxury Real Estate Group represents some of the best real estate in New Jersey. Hailing from the rolling hills of Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris, and Mercer counties, our goal is not just to find you a house. Here at Kingston Luxury, we’re going to help you find your way home.

Proudly serving the communities of Hunterdon County, New Jersey and the surrounding counties of Somerset, Morris, and Mercer, we like to highlight what the equestrian properties, mini-estates, golf communities, and clustered neighborhoods have to offer. All of these diverse properties are nestled among beautiful mountain vistas, hiking and riding trails, and acres of parkland.

We use the location of our listings in Central Jersey to our advantage. Tucked halfway between New York City and Pennsylvania, you’ll be able to enjoy the culture and dynamics of big cities while taking pleasure in the finer aspects of country living.

Kingston Luxury Real Estate Group provides the best in real estate services for the best real estate in New Jersey.

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Our community here in New Jersey is special to us, so we put together a newsletter to sing its praises. Get the latest news about events happening around town as well as recent developments and insights about the equestrian and luxury real estate markets.